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Travel to Ethiopia, to The Sources of the Blue Nile

Every summer the Figaro Magazine publishes a great traveling saga. For one of them, our teams had traced the course of the most legendary rivers on the planet to reveal their origin. A look back at one of the most fascinating episodes of this series, the one devoted to the Nile. A report by our photographer Eric Martin.

“The Nile has a dual nature, formed by the confluence of the Blue Nile and the White Nile, which meet in Khartoum in Sudan. But it is the Blue Nile (the Abbay), however shorter, which contributes to the majority of the flow of the river. It will therefore be the goal of our trip, with its first drops – the “Tears of God” – which ooze from a rock wall dominating the site of Gish Abbay, south of Lake Tana, and constitute its genesis, before it becomes a river. “

Fabulous storyteller and great connoisseur of Ethiopia where he lived, the writer and great reporter Jean-Claude Guilbert was the companion and guide of our photographer during this long journey that would take them to the borders of a country steeped in spirituality. “A journey in space but also in time, in order to take into account this idea of ​​the double nature of the river, while adding to it that of Christendom, prophesied on the banks of this sacred waterway, and of the dual nature of Christ, so long debated and still indispensable to the understanding of modern Ethiopia. “

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