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The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Spanish Olive Oil

Andalusia is undoubtedly a land of olive trees and has been for thousands of years. The olive tree marks the landscape of southern Spain, with more than one and a half million hectares dedicated to its cultivation, as well as gastronomy, the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

You can find the best extra olive oils in the world there, and the Andalusians are not the only ones to say it, but they are awarded once again by the 2021 ranking of World’s Best Olive Oils of the International Oleic Council. Of this top ten of the best olive oils, nine are Andalusian. The region is the largest producer internationally, with over 800 tonnes.

Properties of extra virgin olive oil

Olivares Andalusia

Today olive oil is highly appreciated in the world for its positive effect on our health, because it is unsaturated fat, more beneficial than other fats from butter or margarines for example. Its daily consumption prevents cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cholesterol problems, among others. It has also been demonstrated that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil delays the effects of old age. You can consult this link for more info: propiedades.

Andalusian extra virgin olive oil, as well as for wines, has a denomination of origin which guarantees that the olive oil does not suffer from any alteration and retains the original aroma and flavor of the olive, thus betting on maintaining excellent quality. These oils are extra virgin, do you know the differences between the different types?

Types of olive oil

types of aceite de oliva

Extra virgin olive oil is a juice 100% made from olives without additives or preservatives., which keeps intact the flavor and aroma of the olive and therefore meets the quality in force with a maximum acidity of 0.8%. The next would be virgin olive oil, which although considered an olive juice without preservatives or additives, has certain chemical alterations, which limit the acidity up to 2%.

Although we could go on with other types of olive oils -which go down in purity and quality-, the next and the last for us would be olive oil (just short, neither virgin nor extra). It is an oil resulting from the mixture of refined and virgin (the proportion oscillates around 10/20% of virgin olive oil and 80-90% of refined oils), and therefore the oil of he olive is not pure olive juice.

Varieties of olives

tipos de aceitunas

That being said, Andalusian protected oils are virgin and have a green-golden yellow color and fruity flavor from the different varieties of olives. Which are the most used in Spain? The picual olive is the most produced in the world, with its bitter fruity flavor and scent and its green hue.

Another variety is the picuda (sharp), which results in a fruity oil with an almond aftertaste and a touch of apple, which gives it a sweet taste. Another of the most used types in Andalusia is the hojiblanca, which also comes from a fruity oil, aromatic, sweet and with a slight pungent flavor. Another of the most indigenous olives from southern Spain is the verdial, typical of Malaga, without bitterness, with a sweet and fruity flavor. We can also refer to the Lechin or the Arbequina.

Designations of Origin of extra virgin olive oil

Denominaciones de Origen del aceite

All give rise to a wide variety of oils with their own personality and for all tastes, grouped under twelve Protected Designations of Origin (PDO), which you can see under the “Certified Quality” label, visible in their bottles. As it could not be otherwise, this certification is led by the land par excellence of olive oil, Jaén. This province includes the PDOs Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra Magina and Sierra de Segura. It is followed by Cordoba with the PDOs Baena, Montoro-Adamuz, Priego de Córdoba and Aceite de Lucena. Granada comprises the Poniente de Granada and Montes de Granada appellations. And finally one DOP each Málaga (PDO Antequera), Cadiz (PDO Sierra de Cádiz) and Seville (PDO Estepa).

It is possible to talk at length about Andalusian extra virgin olive oil, its artisanal and ecological production techniques, its benefits, its gastronomic applications, the techniques to recognize it, but comes the best moment of this post: identifying the best current oils.

We start with some of the best Andalusian extra virgin olive oils:

Venta del Barón Oil – Muela Olives

Venta del Barón Oil – Muela Olives

This olive oil has been named the best oil in the world by the World’s Best Olive Oils award, and as it could not be otherwise, it is Andalusian, concretely encompassed under the Protected Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba. It is an intense fruity oil in green olive with herbaceous notes, mint, almond and apple. It is sweet, slightly bitter and spicy. Ideal for breakfasts (get info on typical Andalusian breakfasts) and salads.

Bravoleum Picual Selección Especial Olive Oil – Explotaciones Jame

Aceite Bravoleum

Explotaciones Jame is a jienense olive oil producer that has added value in that the product produced comes largely from own olive trees, which is why the company has absolute control over its production. . This allowed them to become the second largest olive oil producer in the world from the small village of Villagordo. Its Bravoleum Picual oil presents a fruity flavor with an aftertaste of almond and green tomato, and scents of other fruits such as banana and its grassy green tone. It offers a light and tangy bitterness, which makes it perfect to eat with bread or as a flavor enhancer for any dish of the Mediterranean diet.

Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar Picual – Galgon 99

Aceite Oro Bailen

A great effort is required for the preparation of this liquid gold which we call olive oil. El Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar Picual is a good example, named as the third best olive oil in the world, for which between 8 and 10 kilos of picual olives are needed for each liter of oil. It is an intense and complex green fruity product, in which we appreciate aromas of tomato, apple or recently cut grass, but what undoubtedly marks this olive oil is its bitter balance – piquant, very pleasant and fresh in taste. stuffy. It is recommended to use it on raw, cold, temperate or hot foods such as carpaccios, vegetables or fish.

Finca La Torre Selección Hojiblanca olive oil – Domaine La Reja

Aceite Finca La Torre

From Bobadilla, in Malaga, Finca La Torre has made a name for itself in the world of olive oil, positioning itself as an ecological company, which in addition to liquid gold produces other ecological and organic products such as cheese. A combination of the two sounds the perfect marriage for lovers of good food. Its Finca La Torre Seleccion Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil retains the number four spot for best olive oils in the world. It is an ecological and biodynamic oil with an intense fruity flavor and the scent of recently cut grass and olive leaf. On the palate, its taste is bitter on the one hand, progressive and persistent spicy with touches of green almond and apple.

Aceite Morellana – Successors of Hermanos López

Aceite Morellana

Today the old oil mill that Antonio Lopez Ortiz built around 1918, has been modernized and has a modern ecological system that does not produce any alpechin. His olive juice is produced from olive groves located south of Cordoba, in the municipalities of Luque and Baena, where his successors managed to place their olive oil as the seventh best in the world (and fifth Andalusian), according to the top ten World’s Best Olive Oils. Morellana oil has a limited production of 8000 annual bottles, with a green fruity aroma in medium high intensity with hints of apple, sweet at the start, bitter and slightly spicy.

Aceite Picuda – Muela Olives

Aceite Picuda, Muela Olives

Another olive oil from the company Muela Olives (which presents itself as the best oil in the world) ranks as the eighth best in the world (placing itself as the seventh in this ranking as sixth of Andalusian origin). In this case it is Mueloliva Picuda. This extra oil flavors dishes like few do, it offers a fruity green – mature taste of medium intensity, with notes of grass, leaves and fruits such as apple. It is sweet on the palate, with moderate bitterness and a slightly spicy taste. Ideal condiment for salads; grilled vegetables or pasta and fish.

Aceite Soler Romero Ecological – Alcanova

Aceite Soler Romer

At this point in our post, we are done with the ranking of the World’s Best Olive Oils, since the rest of these oils that we have discussed are from different sources. No less good for all that, there are other olive oils in Andalusia that stand out for their quality and flavor in the mouth. One of them is the extra virgin Soler Romero Ecologico, from the Kienense producer Alcanova (Alcaudete), which received one of the recognitions, for the best olive oil of the season at the Jaén Seleccion awards.

Oleoestepa Hojiblanco – La Inmaculada Concepción

Aceite Oleoestepa

Oleoestepa received one of the Food of Spain awards, the best Extra Virgin olive oil of the 2014-2015 campaign, in the Conventions production variety of bitter green fruity oils. The oil mill in Roda de Andalucia (Seville) produces this very intense fruity olive oil from green olives, with notes of fresh grass, leaf and tomato, as well as almond and apple. On the palate it is bitter and spicy, with a medium-high intensity.

Real Gold Olive Oil

Aceite Real Gold

Speaking of gems, Real Gold Olive Oil is one of the most expensive and exclusive oils in the world. This olive oil is extracted from century-old olive trees in Alcala la Real in Jaén, creating a gourmet product in a case with a spoon for tasting and a metallic bottle in gold and Swarowski crystals. A luxury for lovers of ostentation, because the bottle contains 750ml and costs around €180 and is marketed in such different places as New York, Oman or Brazil.

Discover the best products from Andalusia thanks to the Denominations of Controlled Origin

Andalusian wine, a culture of life


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