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Sand mozambique in savannah

Long dunes topped with forests, breathtaking coastline, sanctuary for the whales that come to frolic in its canal, safaris in the Gorongosa Park in full rebirth … The former Portuguese colony has been opening its paradises for fifteen years forgotten with the scent of adventure.

On all fours, sometimes belly down, we progressed meter after meter, in the tangle of vegetation lying by the sea winds, dune after dune, the ocean in front of us. We had an idea of ​​where we wanted to lead, but no path to get there. So, we traced. ” Perched on a dune cordon, Thomas scrutinizes the undulations of sand capped with euphorbias and this low and dry vegetation which appreciates the sand so much. His playground, as a child, was a field in the middle of neat hedges, in Touraine, with Frédéric Bonlieu, his lifelong friend.

Having become a farmer, the latter settled down there. Thomas Bruneau, for his part, flew to South Africa, caught up in the oil industry, then its national parks where he became a safari guide and finally discovered Mozambique. From this little-known country, he tells his friend about the tropical forests, the savannah, the 2,500 kilometers of infinite and sublime coastline, the 50 shades of sand and azure mixed together, these forgotten paradises.

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