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North of Laos, the charm of an Asia that we thought had been lost

Lush jungles haunted by the songs of the great apes, a museum city that still cultivates the majesty of ancient days, a serenity of landscapes and inhabitants … Faced with the threats weighing on this little gem, some have chosen to protect the forest, from other cultural heritage.

Over there, the foliage of tall trees barely touched by daylight suddenly shivers suspiciously. Monkeys make the 400 blows in the antlers, it remains to be seen which ones. A tawny fur, glimpsed with binoculars, matched with two improbable arms reveals the identity of the acrobats. It is a female gibbon, soon joined by a male, black as coal. Sir, leaning between two branches 30 meters from the ground, as comfortable as an English lord wedged in the Chesterfield of his favorite club, begins to study the small band of indiscreet busy violating his privacy. Who, monkey or man, observes the other? Then, undoubtedly considering that he had seen enough, he launched himself into the void, fell with nothing else to hold him back than the still fresh morning air and made up for it in extremis before the fatal crash. An awakening like any other among the black crested gibbons, a species of which only 1,200-1,500 individuals remain distributed between Laos, and Vietnam.

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