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Moroccan Architecture and Craftsmanship to the Rescue of Fez

We had hoped for a long time. The medina, millennial and imperial, comes out of its sleep as a sleeping beauty, shakes up traditions and takes off creative.

By Bérénice Debras (text) and Roberto Frankenberg (photos) for Le Figaro Magazine

After the Blue Gate, it’s straight ahead ”, we are told. But barely crossed Bab Boujloud, dressed in “Fez blue”, now the “straight ahead” splits in two to enter the medina. Understand who will. It will be the Talaa Sghira alley, lined with stalls of slippers and a thousand treasures where a vibrant and colorful crowd throngs. Heads covered in shimmering veil, Scheherazade hair and studied masculine cuts – a big comeback of the “brush” scissor stroke… The bodies cross each other without ever touching each other in the middle of mules loaded with incredible stuff. Straight ahead? Yes. With each step, the alley seems to narrow, twist and close. The labyrinth of alleys ends up swallowing us up and the notion of time with it.

En 789, Idriss Iis founded the first capital of the future kingdom of Morocco which will later welcome Arab and Jewish families from Andalusia and exiles from Kairouan (in Tunisia).

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