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From Lake Tanganyika to Selous, Tanzania Differently

“When visiting others, open your eyes, not your mouth”, says a Tanzanian proverb. In this immense East African country, there are still tracks that have hardly been taken, leading to breathtaking landscapes and allowing extraordinary encounters. Follow the guide.

From our special correspondent in Tanzania,

The plane taxi left behind the imposing silhouette of Kilimanjaro, a massive giant keeping its head above the clouds. The airplane turns its back on the known Tanzania, that of the Serengeti Park, the Ngorongoro crater or the island of Zanzibar. Head southwest, towards the large arid plateaus of Rukwa. Even further, there is the promise of one of the most astonishing discoveries that Africa offers in its incredible diversity. After several hours of flight, in front of the Cessna single-engine dashboard, the rugged terrain of a mountain range peaks at over 2,000 meters.

It is the Kungwe, the sacred mountain of Tongwes, an ethnic group from the Kigoma region. Just behind, lies Lake Tanganyika, this gigantic reserve of fresh water in the heart of a continent, the second largest African lake after Lake Victoria and second in the world in terms of depth behind Baikal, in Siberia. More than an inland sea of ​​fresh water.

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