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From Cairo to Aswan, the Great Trip to Egypt

It is one of the oldest trips there is. The mythical ascent of the Nile to the Nubian city is once again possible. From Middle to Upper Egypt, it is a wonderful experience where we cross paths with the memories of travelers of yesteryear.

By Guillaume de Dieuleveult (text) and Thomas Goisque for Le Figaro Magazine (photos)

Egypt has an amazing capacity to simultaneously generate chaos and peace in two parallel waves: one tumultuous and muddled, the other serene. This appears quite clearly when we go up the river. From the water, the eye sees only a bushy bush of the country, the harmony of which is sometimes broken by the dark stain of a mango tree. It happens that buffaloes cross this setting to drink. Or they are children playing at the water’s edge, a fisherman pulling his boat.

However, at irregular intervals, the sound of intense agitation prevails over this bucolic tranquility. It is the bellow of a horn, the bark of a water pump, the moan of an old tractor struggling to trace its furrow in the heavy black earth on the banks of the Nile. We then remember that on the other side of this green curtain live 100 million people. Stuck between the desert.

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