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Diving in Gujarat in the India where Gandhi was born

Without competing with the patrimonial exuberance of its rich neighbor Rajasthan, this state however concentrates the same cultural splendours with two bonus assets: the visitor remains a pioneer, and unfolds there a stunning tribal mosaic. Meeting with its communities of craftsmen and untouchable shepherds.

By Franck Charton (texts and photos) for Le Figaro Magazine

The current health crisis has forced the Indian authorities to temporarily close access to the country to French travelers or from French airports. To keep you informed of the evolution of restrictions, country by country, consult

“Be the change you want to see in the worldGandhi, the father of the Indian nation, affectionately nicknamed “Bapu” (little father) used to repeat. He also said: “There is no point in fighting without an ideal; mine resides in theahimsa (non-violence) and the abolition of all segregation of caste, race, social class or religion. ” It is by drawing inspiration from this last precept dear to the Mahatma, that we set off on the chaotic roads of Gujarat, to meet its emblematic places, but also its tribal communities, often forgotten, even despised, on the rural fringes of the great Kutch Desert. It was here that Gandhi launched the.

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